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A Green Leaf #1 (thumbnail)
A Green Leaf #1 (large view)
A Green Leaf #1
"A Green Leaf # 1", 2018, 14 x 18 inches, mixed media and collage on paper.

It has a gallery-style black wood 15 x 19 x 1.75 inches frame with gallery-quality non-glare acrylic sheet. It is ready to hang. It is signed on the front and at the back with title and date.

"A green leaf" is a series of four paintings. They can either stand alone or be presented as a series. In each painting there is a figure posing in context of his/her surrounding. Although these figures have realistic proportions, their interaction with the space surrounding them creates an abstract feeling. The colors (mostly; green, blue and brown) are nature oriented. The use of black and white creates a vibrant effect. Some can find surreal means in these paintings.

I’ve continued figure drawing sessions at various open studios for many years. Ink drawings from 1 to 10 min poses are my favorite. In this series of paintings, I have used some of my drawings from previous years. First, I cut various poses out of the original drawings and then I used them to create new and richer compositions. While the nude studies were raw, fluid and made by my immediate and spontaneous responses on the paper, the design process of the new compositions (with mixed media and collage) was slow, deterministic and more structural. The originality of these paintings comes from this contrast.


18"H x 14"W   
Price: $ 300.00